Welcome to a glimpse of our wedding! For our Save the Dates we wanted something different, something creative. While on Pinterest I came across this artist and Jack and I fell in love with her work. I contacted her and asked her if she would design our Save the Dates and she said yes!! She is actually going to design our entire wedding suite.

I'm super excited that I finally got to send these out, they have been a big secret for along time. Also, sending out the Save the Dates makes the wedding more real I feel, it is actually happening and I'm so excited.

You can see more of Katy's work here


Today marks 4 years that I have been together with the one I love the most!!!!!

Photo by Arrow and Apple


Today I am sharing my take on escort cards for my wedding. I decided to move away from the typically "card" version because I wanted something unique and different. I started off making 150 pompoms (that took forever but I got into a groove and was cranking them out pretty fast), then I started combing my yard, my parent's yard, Jack's moms' yard and the park for 150 sticks to accompany the pompoms. A little hot glue and bam you have this awesome pompom flower! I plan on tying a little tag that will have the person's name and table number on it


I'm so excited to share with you a new project I have been working on. I have recently started Elsie and Rachel's art journal course to document Jack's and my live together. I am new to the whole art journal thing but instantly fell in love with it, it is a great way to use pictures and journal about all those little memories you have.
Their course is broken down into three separate books and I am working on the 'loved ones' book. For me this book is the "Story About Us," it starts in the beginning and goes to the present and includes all those great memories that make our relationship great.
Supplies Used:

8x8 Scrap book from Hobby Lobby
Left over fabric from Etsy
8x10 Pictures cut down to 8x8, 5x7 and 4x6
Kraft cardstock
Templates from the ecourse
Acid free permanent pen
Washi tape from Etsy and Target
Paper I ordered from Etsy

There are two more books in the ecourse series that I cannot wait to start! If you are like me and new to art journaling I recommend you take this course. The template help get you brain thinking about journaling ideas and Elsie and Rachel both share their books to give you an idea on how to start your own books.


1. Fresh flowers from Jack
2. Napkin fabric for the wedding!!
3. Table numbers
4. Pompoms for escort cards
5. Self-portrait. Currently I am participating in A Beautiful Mess's 30 day self-portrait challenge!!!